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Wildlife Managment
Wildlife Management

The basic elements of good wildlife habitat include adequate food, cover and water. The availability of these essential elements during critical parts of the season, such as winter when they are most limiting, in large part determines the success of a wildlife species populating on a given area. When all these elements are found in a relatively short distance at all times of the year, the wildlife carry capacity for an area may be high.

Conversely, when great distances separate each of these vital elements, the carrying capacity and subsequent population density may be low. The main goal to improving wildlife habitat on any given property is to insure interspersion of food, cover and water.

Improving wildlife populations on your property will first involved evaluating your current wildlife habitat and which types of wildlife you are most interested. Deer, turkey, quail, red cockaded woodpeckers, fox squirrels, dove, and wood ducks all have different needs and require special conditions for them to do well.

True North can assist you with developing a management system to enhance the populations of wildlife you are interested in utilizing your forest.

Some of the wildlife services we can provide include:

  • Food plot management and maintenance
  • Streamside Management Zone (SMZ) establishment
  • Creating forest edge buffers (Quail and turkey)
  • Qualifying for wildlife habitat cost-share assistance (WHIP, Partners with Wildlife, CRP/CREP, etc.)
  • Safe Harbor Program enrollment (Red Cockaded Woodpecker)
  • Creating wildlife openings
  • Understory burning to improve wildlife habitat
  • Nest Boxes (wood duck, blue birds, etc.)
  • Crop Tree Management to Improve Mast Production

Hunt Lease Administration

Let True North help you in developing and enhancing your wildlife habitat. With technical assistance from state wildlife biologists and cost-share programs I can help you establish wildlife plantings, create wildlife clearings, locate seedling and seeding sources, provide you with recommended seeding rates, methods and times to establish. We can design and develop an understory burning plan and work with a Certified Burning Contractor and/or the state forestry agency to get fire lines installed and the understory burnings conducted on your property

In most southern states the demand for quality hunting land continues to be strong. This demand has provided many smaller, nonindustrial private landowners an opportunity to lease their property for hunting purposes.

Hunting Lease Management

Gone are the days of un-posted land and hunters being able to strike out wherever the game leads them. Twenty-first century sportsmen must pay for hunting rights on private and public lands. Many private forestland owners have taken advantage of increased recreational demands by leasing out hunting rights on their property to individuals or hunting clubs. Benefits of leasing include the generation of significant annual funds to offset fixed and or management costs on the property, increased quality of the property’s wildlife habitat and game populations, a reduction in property damages, and improved monitoring of activities on the tract.

Success in leasing your land for recreation depends largely on the development and administration of a program that reflects the goals of the landowner and protects the property owner from undue risks.

True North can help you secure and administer a successful hunting lease on your property.
If you want fauna you have got to have flora.
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Helping You Manage Your Natural Resource Responsibly